MRM Lecture Series

In Memory of Michael S. Ratner

February 19th Meeting Notes


Feb19MeetPicSmWhat a wonderful presentation by Dr. Huang, Director of Education and Program Development at the Norton Thoracic Institute, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center. Positive Pathways for Esophageal and Lung Cancer covered the spectrum of preventative care, early diagnosis, and the latest developments for both cancers. The difference between a ‘typical lecture’ and an ‘exchange of ideas forum’ is the amount of audience participation. Our attendees felt comfortable sharing their stories and questions with our presenter.

The food and beverages were amazing. Bink’s local produce farm-to-table philosophy is reflected in their cuisine—beautifully composed arrangements bursting with right out of the garden flavor. Special dietary dishes are available upon request. Thank you Bink’s for your continued hospitality!

We welcomed our new attendees who were made to feel at home as they shared their experiences with our established core members. Looking forward to seeing all of you at our Thursday, March 19 presentation with Colleen Huber, NMD, (Naturopathic Oncology Research Institute) talking about the link between nutrition and cancer. Author of CHOOSE YOUR FOODS LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. See you then!

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