MRM Lecture Series

In Memory of Michael S. Ratner

June 18 Meeting Notes


Our June 18 presentation with world-renown homeopathic medical doctor and chief physician of Oasis of Healing in Mesa, AZ, Dr. Thomas Lodi, brought in 87 attendees with 25 additional people on the waiting list. The MRM support lecture series promoted this event to numerous media outlets throughout the state of Arizona. Our marketing paid off—with an even stronger audience for our lecture series.

Lodi2Most of the attendees were unaware of Dr. Lodi’s practice, but enjoyed hearing his humorous and insightful presentation. Our mission is to bring awareness of the latest traditional and non-traditional medical modalities offered and let you decide which path to take.

Donovan’s catered a delicious vegetarian dinner and drinks. We sat at two long 40+ people tables draped in white linen table cloths reminiscent of a Bar Mitzvah or wedding reception. Some people were mesmerized and Dr. Lodi received a hardy applause at the end of the presentation.

FYI: My diet, which I thought was basically healthy, will change dramatically after hearing Lodi’s nutritional philosophy.

We’ll be on hiatus until September 17, when we hope to present another ‘standing room only’ presentation.


  1. Hello Terry,

    Thank you for organizing a great talk and gathering last night. It was also so nice to meet you.  I am sorry for the loss of your husband.  You have touched many.


  2. Dr. Lodi was direct ,honest and speaks from experience,not theories untested. I sent a patient from my office to see him last Friday. She has a relative afflicted with cancer.
    I believe it was Tom Jefferson who said ,”food is our medicine.” Well done Dr. Lodi. I learned a lot.
    I hope I get invited to the next lecture.
    Dr. J. E.
    Holistic Eye Doctor

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