MRM Lecture Series

In Memory of Michael S. Ratner

March 17 Meeting Notes

Our March 17 presentation, PRECISION MEDICINE IN ONCOLOGY, turned into an eye-opening experience, including a Q & A between our excellent speaker, Dr. David Duggan and attendees. It isn’t every day one learns about the cutting-edge of medicine by an articulate scientist from TGen (Translational Genomics Research Institute). Dr. Duggan shared his knowledge of the technological advances in genomics and gave us an understanding of the biology of human disease as he focused on the biggest benefactor to date—oncology.

These medical advancements allow patients to gather technical information about their DNA with specific attention to molecular information about particular cancers. To have access to this incredible information allows patients and families to make informed medical decisions about medical treatments.

I’d like to thank TGen and Dr. Duggan for sharing their latest scientific breakthroughs with the MRM Cancer Lecture Series. And, of course, a big thanks to all of you who attended this event.

Here is a list of companies that Dr. Duggan mentioned during the presentation:

Tumor Profiling
Ashion Analytics (TGen JV Co)
Caris Diagnostics
Foundat1on Medicine
Personal Genome Diagnostics
plus 50 Other companies and academic medical centers

Circulating Tumor DNA
Gaurdant Health
Foundation Medicine
Personal Genome D1agnostics

Risk Assessment
Amber Genetics
Myriad Genetics
Color Genomics

Asymptomatic Screening
Veritas Genetics
Adaptive Biotechnologies
Health Nucleus


  1. Very much enjoyed last night’s presentation. As you said, we need to bring him back .

    Can you forward an email attachment of his last slide listing companies that do genetic testing? [ I think everyone would appreciate that. ]

    Next lecture?

    Ron S

    • Thanks for you comment Ron. We have added the list of companies to the end of the March 17 Meeting Notes.