MRM Lecture Series

In Memory of Michael S. Ratner

An Evening with Dr. B. J. Miller

Our guest, Dr. Miller, arrived with a grin and soaking wet from an unexpected rainstorm. Where someone else might have been upset by the downpour, Miller took it in stride and said, “I’m so glad to be here. Thanks for the invite.”

The Greenhouse Theater’s MainStage soon filled its 200 seats with like-minded people. The energy and vibes were electric and everyone seemed enthralled with the topic—THE POWER OF IMPOSSIBILITY. Somehow, the idea of bringing the philosophy of palliative and end-of-life care to the forefront didn’t seem as impossible as it had in the past. This movement, of monumental proportions, was destined to come full circle and be accepted by medical and lay people alike. A welcomed model of how we live and how we die was on the verge of being passed on from one generation to the next.

Thanks to our amazing speaker, Dr. B.J. Miller, the event was a success. Thank you all for an incredible evening and making our debut in Chicago a memorable experience.

Terry Ratner, RN, MFA
Chairman of the Board

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